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defense news. a nonprofit that's helping military kids after school, part of our ongoing military appreciation month series. first a look at the new plan to better integrate the u.s. air force and guard and reserve components. historically they have operated nearly seamlessly but that changed a year ago when the air force unveil add plan to reshape the force and cut billion in this spending, including cutting hundreds of positions. lawmakers rallied to defend their state units and freeze the air force plan for months. in the end the service backed down with 3300 active airmen to be cut with only 500 reservists. they created the total force task force, led by three major generals from each of the components. joining us now are the generals involved, john poisoner and mark barkman, and brian meanen. welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> many have said that the relations among the three really hit rock bottom after that announcement was made. general, you're an ohio guardsman and were involved at the time. how bad was it? >> i don't think there's a way that you can say it was bad
ignorance is a defense when it's your job to know. given the trend line we're seeing here, bob, in so many different instances, it's unfortunately, a culture, i think independent administration that it's okay to cover these things up and part of it has to do with the intimidation that the administration is using against some of its critics. you see that in the ap story. you see that in the tea party story. there are so many common elements here. so i really think it is a culture of cover-ups, and intimidation that is getting the administration in so much trouble. >> schieffer: let me just ask you this-- do you have any evidence, evidence-- not hearsay or any of that-- any evidence that would contradict the president's statement that he didn't know anything about this until two weeks ago? >> all i know is what i read in the press and listen to you and other members of the news media say. what we do know is that secretary lew of the treasury secretary, shortly after he was confirmed in march, said he knew about this. and then the president-- i'm talking now about the i.r.s. scandal-- and the
felt they are being egged on to on do this. one of the defenses is this is their filter to do this more efficiently. it is not efficient to ask these detailed questions to go back round after round and to delay them for years when you are sweeping the progressive groups right in and giving them a stamp of approval. that is not just a bureaucratic error that is unbelievable on the face of it. >> i don't know progressive groups were swept if. >> they were. they got the rubber stamp. >> reporter: but you had 250 employees he have denly dealing with 70,000 applications. they shouldn't have the discretion to make these decisions based on vague deadlines. how do you decide what is political and what is educational? frankly a lot of this looks political it me. i think they ought to do away with this tax exemption left and right. i think it is a scam, they are getting a beneficial tax treatment from the federal government to conduct political activity that they are disguising as social welfare. >> they wanted to be under section 501 c-4 of the tax code based on certain forms of taxation. it is
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Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4